Developer Advocate

Dragonfly is looking for a Developer Advocate to serve as the founding member of the Developer Relations function. Dragonfly is a drop-in Redis replacement that is high-performance, low-complexity, and built for scale. Dragonfly's modern architecture enables it to scale vertically to support millions of requests per second and terabyte-sized workloads, all on a single instance.

While the company is less than a year old, Dragonfly has already gained a lot of developer attention (20K Github stars), and this role has the opportunity to build on and scale that momentum.

Your job will be to make sure that developers around the world are aware of Dragonfly, the problems it solves for them, and have access to resources that will allow them to get up and running as quickly as possible. This is a high-impact, founding role in a company that is aiming to disrupt an extremely large market. You will have the autonomy to lead initiatives and work across teams to ensure maximum impact.

Join us in our mission to shape the future of in-memory datastores by providing a well-designed, ultra-fast, and cost-effective solution for cloud workloads. Together we will enable the software development community to reach its full potential and accelerate human innovation.

You Will

  • Build community - this includes engaging on social media, forums, and events, and more.
  • Create content - create and distribute unique, engaging content covering technical topics relating to Dragonfly and related use cases. Formats for content will include blog posts, technical guides, example apps, social media posts, and workshops and talks for both in-person and virtual events.
  • Act as a subject matter expert on topics such as memory stores, databases, real-time applications and cloud-native development.
  • Be a trusted technical advisor to our early customers, helping them to implement and be successful with Dragonfly.
  • Measure the impact of your activities, and use data to iterate on your roadmap.
  • Engage continuously with engineering to provide feedback on Dragonfly's end-to-end developer experience.

You Have

  • A deep understanding of the modern database landscape, key use cases, and where they fit in to the developer workflow.
  • Experience building developer communities from the ground up.
  • Experience creating high-quality technical content across multiple mediums.
  • Comfortable operating in a fast-paced and dynamic environment (this is an early stage startup!)
  • Strong programming ability in at least popular language.
  • Strong knowledge of the DevOps landscape and ability to work with popular toolsets such as Kubernetes and Terraform
  • Knowledge of Redis and Redis-related frameworks in any language is a strong plus.





Date posted

October 31, 2022

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