The Most Performant Database for High-Traffic Games.

Dragonfly is the database of choice for developing games. Offering superior scalability, Dragonfly provides a more reliable player experience at significantly reduced infrastructure costs (up to 80% cost savings compared to alternative solutions like Redis).

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At least 30% cost savings
Scales for all traffic patterns
No code changes required

QPS benchmark on AWS c6gn.16xlarge. Snapshot benchmark on AWS c6gn.4xlarge.Source.

Unparalleled Performance

Gamers today expect a real-time user experience, no matter what. Dragonfly Cloud was built to power modern high-traffic, low-latency applications, even under the heaviest load. Compared to Redis-based memory stores, Dragonfly Cloud can sustain more throughput while maintaining lower latency guarantees, ensuring your players will always have a real-time experience.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Dragonfly is far more efficient than Redis, both in the how it utilizes memory and compute, resulting in dramatically reduced infrastructure costs. With Dragonfly Cloud, those costs are passed on to our customers, resulting in up to 80% lower costs when compared to Redis Enterprise or Elasticache.

Use Case:
Mobile Game Cache

Data Set:Peak QPS:
$ 1,650
Redis Enterprise
$ 7,687
$ 6,394
A fast growing mobile game needed a high performance caching layer in order to scale their player growth. They also needed to keep costs low in order to support their freemium business model. They chose Dragonfly Cloud because it saved them thousands per month and allowed them to rapidly scale.

Drop-in Redis Replacement

Dragonfly is fully compatible with both the Redis and Memcached APIs, meaning there are no code changes required to migrate. You can continue to use the same libraries, clients, and CLIs that you use today.

Start building today

Dragonfly is fully compatible with the Redis ecosystem and requires no code changes to implement.