Retrieving Memcached Statistics in C# (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

Monitoring a Memcached server is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and identifying potential issues early. The 'stats' command in Memcached provides a way to access this vital information. In C#, you can retrieve Memcached statistics to:

  1. Monitor the cache hit/miss ratio.
  2. Keep track of current connections and bytes read/written.
  3. Understand eviction rates, helping you optimize your cache size.

Code Examples

Let's assume you're using EnyimMemcached, a popular client for Memcached in the .NET world. Below is an example of how to retrieve stats using this client.

using Enyim.Caching; using Enyim.Caching.Memcached; // Initialize the Memcached client MemcachedClient memcachedClient = new MemcachedClient(); // Get stats from the Memcached server var stats = memcachedClient.Stats(); foreach (var stat in stats) { Console.WriteLine($"Server: {stat.Key}"); foreach (var statValue in stat.Value) { Console.WriteLine($"\tStat: {statValue.Key}, Value: {statValue.Value}"); } }

In this code, memcachedClient.Stats() retrieves statistics from the Memcached server. These stats are then iterated over and printed to the console.

Best Practices

  1. Regularly monitor your Memcached stats to understand your caching patterns and identify potential issues before they become larger problems.
  2. Be cautious about the frequency of fetching stats, as each call consumes resources. Balance the need for up-to-date data with the impact on your system’s performance.

Common Mistakes

  1. Ignoring the eviction count: A high eviction count often signals that your cache size is too small for the current workload.
  2. Misinterpreting 'get_misses' value: This is not necessarily a bad thing. It might mean you're checking for keys that don't exist yet, which could be part of your caching logic.


  1. What does 'curr_items' stat indicate? 'curr_items' indicates the number of items currently stored in the cache.

  2. What does a high 'evictions' stat mean? A high 'evictions' value means Memcached had to evict (remove) items from the cache prematurely to make space for new items. This could suggest that your cache size is too small.

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