Dragonfly Cloud

A cloud data store for heavy in-memory workloads.

Dragonfly Cloud delivers the performance and reliability of Dragonfly as a fully managed cloud service. Experience effortless scale, unparalleled performance, and up to 80% cost savings without changing any code.

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80% cost savings vs Redis
Built for heavy data workloads
No code migration

Benchmark on AWS r6gn.16xlarge. Snapshot benchmark on AWS c6gn.16xlarge. Source.

Unparalleled performance

Dragonfly was built from the ground up to fully utilize modern hardware and support the data demands of modern applications. The results are an in-memory data store capable of supporting up to 1TB of data and 3.5 millions QPS on a single instance.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Dragonfly’s shared-nothing, multi-threaded architecture allows it to fully utilize the hardware that it runs on, resulting in dramatically reduced operational costs. With Dragonfly Cloud those costs are passed on to our customers, resulting in up to 80% lower costs when compared to Redis Enterprise or Elasticache.

Use Case:
ML Feature Store

Data Set:Peak QPS:
$ 1,650
Redis Enterprise
$ 7,687
$ 6,394
A financial institution was building a ML feature store to serve a fraud detection model for their various web services. The service would need to scale to handle a lot of data as well as very spiky traffic, with peaks over 400,000 queries per second. They chose Dragonfly Cloud due to it's ease of scaling and dramatically lower cost.

Easy Migration

Dragonfly is fully compatible with both the Redis and Memcached APIs, meaning there are no code changes required to implement. You can continue to use the same the same libraries, clients, and CLIs that you use today.

Start building today

Dragonfly is fully compatible with the Redis ecosystem and requires no code changes to implement.