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Dragonfly Cloud: 25x the Performance and 80% Lower Cost Than Memorystore 

Compare Dragonfly Cloud and Google Cloud Memorystore to find the ideal managed in-memory data store for your applications. Discover how Dragonfly Cloud's innovative architecture offers advantages in performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency over Google's managed Redis service.

Throughput in QPS
QPS benchmark on AWS c6gn.16xlarge. Snapshot benchmark on AWS c6gn.4xlarge. Source.
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Dragonfly Cloud vs Memorystore (Quick Comparison)

FeatureDragonfly CloudGoogle Memorystore
Performance25x higher throughput (3.97M QPS) than traditional RedisStandard Redis performance
ScalabilityEffortless vertical scaling with multi-core utilizationHorizontal scaling with sharding
Pricing ModelSimple memory-based pricing from $5.60/GB/monthPer-second billing based on provisioned capacity
Cost EfficiencyUp to 80% lower costs than Redis-based servicesStandard pricing for managed Redis service
ArchitectureMulti-threaded, shared-nothing designBased on Redis, single-threaded with optional clustering
Memory EfficiencyHigher memory efficiency with modern algorithmsStandard Redis memory management
API CompatibilityFull Redis and Memcached API compatibilityFull Redis API compatibility
Cloud DeploymentAvailable on major clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure)Google Cloud Platform specific
Automated ManagementFully automated tuning, scaling, and high availabilitySome automation, but requires more manual configuration
Snapshotting Performance12x faster snapshotting (1,260 MB/s) than RedisStandard Redis snapshotting performance

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5 Reasons Why Developers Prefer Dragonfly Cloud Over Google Cloud Memorystore

#1 - Superior Performance

Dragonfly Cloud's innovative multi-threaded architecture delivers 25x higher throughput than traditional Redis, significantly outperforming Google Memorystore. This translates to faster response times and improved application performance, especially for high-load scenarios.

#2 - Simplified Scaling

While Google Memorystore requires managing shards for horizontal scaling, Dragonfly Cloud offers effortless vertical scaling. Simply adjust your provisioned memory, and Dragonfly handles the rest, reducing operational complexity and management overhead.

#3 - Cost-Effective Solution

Dragonfly Cloud's efficient architecture can reduce costs by up to 80% compared to Redis-based services like Google Memorystore. With a straightforward pricing model based on provisioned memory, you avoid the complexity of per-second billing and can optimize costs more effectively.

#4 - Advanced Memory Efficiency

Dragonfly's modern caching algorithms and LRFU (Least Recently Frequently Used) eviction policy result in higher memory efficiency compared to Google Memorystore's standard Redis implementation. This means you can store more data in less memory, further optimizing costs and performance.

#5 - Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Unlike Google Memorystore, which is limited to the Google Cloud Platform, Dragonfly Cloud offers deployment options across major cloud providers. This flexibility allows you to avoid vendor lock-in and optimize your infrastructure strategy across different cloud environments, including hybrid setups.

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