Redis® with wings.

Dragonfly is a simple, performant, and cost-efficient in-memory data store. Dragonfly is fully compatible with Redis APIs but without the Redis management complexity.

QPS benchmark on AWS c6gn.16xlarge. Snapshot benchmark on AWS c6gn.4xlarge.Source.

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Scaling Redis Simplified: Migrating from Cluster to Dragonfly

Scaling Redis Simplified: Migrating from Cluster to Dragonfly

Join us to learn how to migrate from Redis Cluster to Single-Instance Dragonfly.

Mastering Dragonfly Kubernetes Operator

Mastering Dragonfly Kubernetes Operator

Join us to learn how to optimise Kubernetes Deployment with Dragonfly.

Redis vs. Dragonfly Scalability and Performance

Redis vs. Dragonfly Scalability and Performance

A thorough benchmark comparison of throughput, latency, and memory utilization between Redis and Dragonfly.

Extreme Performance

Dragonfly delivers 25x the performance of legacy software

The power of modern cloud hardware can never be realized with legacy software. Dragonfly is optimized for modern cloud computing, delivering 25x more throughput and 12x lower snapshotting latency when compared to legacy in-memory data stores like Redis, making it easy to deliver the real-time experience your customers expect.

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Throughput (QPS)
3,970,000 QPS
148,000 QPS
Snapshotting Speed (MB/s)
1260 MB/s
107 MB/s

QPS benchmark on AWS c6gn.16xlarge. Snapshot benchmark on AWS c6gn.4xlarge.Source


More QPS than Redis


Faster snapshotting than Redis

Reliable By Design

Dragonfly delivers the reliability your customers expect

Efficient Snapshotting

Dragonfly makes extremely efficient use of memory (i.e., no spike in usage during snapshotting), dramatically reducing the risk of out-of-memory outages.

High Availability

Dragonfly natively supports an eventually consistent primary-replica model to achieve high availability. If an outage on the primary occurs, Dragonfly will automatically failover to the replica and promote it as the primary.

Vertical Scaling

Dragonfly is a simple system with a single instance for workloads up to 1TB. This eliminates the fragility inherent to distributed clusters and dramatically improves the reliability of the system.

Effortless Scale

Dragonfly scales effortlessly, even for the heaviest workloads

Dragonfly is architected to deliver the scalability that modern data workloads require. Say goodbye to complex multi-node environments with endless configuration options and infinite points of failure. Dragonfly can effortlessly scale up to handle over 1TB of data and 4 million QPS on a single node, with a simple primary-replica pattern for high availability.


In-memory datasets on a single instance


Less memory usage

Fully compatible with Redis

Dragonfly is a drop-in Redis replacement, meaning it uses the same APIs and is compatible with all of the same SDKs and tooling. Teams that switch from Redis to Dragonfly get huge performance gains and a simpler system to operate, all without changing code.

  • Redis API compatible
  • Snapshotting speed
  • Lua
  • QPS per instance
  • Async core
  • LRFU eviction
  • Memcached API compatible
  • Native Open Telemetry


  • 1260MB/s
  • 5.4.4
  • 3.9M


  • 107MB/s
  • 5.1
  • 150K
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Dragonfly is fully compatible with the Redis ecosystem and requires no code changes to implement.