Introducing the Dragonfly Forum: Your New Hub for All Things Dragonfly!

Discover the new Dragonfly Forum, your go-to place for Dragonfly discussions, technical support, and community collaboration. Join now!

June 6, 2024

Introducing the Dragonfly Forum: Your New Hub for All Things Dragonfly!

Hey Dragonfly enthusiasts, I'm excited to introduce our new Dragonfly Forum, the ultimate destination for all your technical needs related to Dragonfly. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this forum is designed to help you get the most out of your Dragonfly experience. If you have questions that you can't find answers to in the documentation, this is the perfect place to search for solutions and connect with the community.

Dragonfly Discourse Forum

Why the Dragonfly Forum?

Working on technical projects can sometimes be challenging, and having a dedicated space to ask questions, share solutions, and collaborate with others can make a world of difference. The Dragonfly forum is here to be that space for you. It's a place where you can:

  • Ask Technical Questions: Stuck on a problem? Post your questions and get answers from fellow developers and the Dragonfly team.
  • Share Your Knowledge: If you've discovered a nifty trick or a clever workaround, this is the perfect place to share it with the community.
  • Discuss Projects: Working on something cool with Dragonfly? Tell us about it! Get feedback, find collaborators, and showcase your work.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest news, updates, and releases from the Dragonfly team.
    • Each month we will post the latest releases and office hours, we're always looking for our community to join in and take part.

What Topics Can You Post About?

Pretty much anything related to Dragonfly! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Technical Support: Troubleshooting, debugging, and problem-solving.
  • Feature Requests: Got an idea for a new feature? We'd love to hear it.
  • Project Showcases: Show off your projects and see what others are working on.
    • Have you used BullMQ and Dragonfly to handle job queues efficiently?
    • Perhaps you've been using our Sidekiq and Dragonfly integration to enhance background job processing?
    • Calling all Devops, how has your experience using the Dragonfly Kubernetes operator been? Has it simplified deployments, scaling, and management of your Dragonfly instance(s) within your Kubernetes cluster?
    • Has your project using Dragonfly enabled real-time data analytics? What is the data pipeline like, or has there been any impact on decision-making speed and accuracy?
    • We'd love to know where Dragonfly has been used as a caching layer to accelerate application performance.
  • General Discussions: Anything else Dragonfly-related that doesn't fit into the above categories.

Join Us on Discord for Fun and Hangouts

But wait, there's more! For those times when you just want to kick back, chat, and get to know the community better, we invite you to join the Dragonfly Discord server. It's the perfect place to:

  • Hang Out with the Dragonfly Engineers: Meet like-minded individuals worldwide who share your passion for Dragonfly.
  • Real-Time Conversations: Get instant feedback, share your thoughts, or just have a casual chat.
  • Community Events: Participate in fun events, challenges, and more organized by the Dragonfly team.

We call it "meeting on the pond," a cozy and friendly space where everyone is welcome. Whether you're looking for technical help or want to make new friends, the Dragonfly Discord server is the place to be.

How to Get Started

Joining both the Discourse forum and Discord server is easy. We can't wait to see you there and start building an even stronger Dragonfly community together.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in, start posting, and make some magic happen together!

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