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KEYS pattern

Time complexity: O(N) with N being the number of keys in the database, under the assumption that the key names in the database and the given pattern have limited length.

ACL categories: @keyspace, @read, @slow, @dangerous

Returns all keys matching pattern.

While the time complexity for this operation is O(N), the constant times are fairly low.

Supported glob-style patterns:

  • h?llo matches hello, hallo and hxllo
  • h*llo matches hllo and heeeello
  • h[ae]llo matches hello and hallo, but not hillo
  • h[^e]llo matches hallo, hbllo, ... but not hello
  • h[a-b]llo matches hallo and hbllo

Use \ to escape special characters if you want to match them verbatim.


Array reply: list of keys matching pattern.

Number of elements returned:

Dragonfly protects itself from an overwhelming number of returned keys by imposing a limit on the quantity. To modify this limit, update the value of the "keys_output_limit" flag. Please refer to Dragonfly configuration for more information how to change dragonfly flag values.


dragonfly> MSET firstname Jack lastname Stuntman age 35
dragonfly> KEYS *name*
1) "lastname"
2) "firstname"
dragonfly> KEYS a??
1) "age"
dragonfly> KEYS *
1) "lastname"
2) "age"
3) "firstname"