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GEOHASH key [member [member ...]]

Time complexity: O(log(N)) for each member requested, where N is the number of elements in the geospatial index represented by the sorted set.

ACL categories: @read, @geo, @slow

Return valid Geohash strings representing the position of one or more elements in a sorted set value representing a geospatial index (where elements were added using GEOADD).

Geohash string properties

The command returns 11 characters Geohash strings, so no precision is lost compared to the Dragonfly internal 52 bit representation. The returned Geohashes have the following properties:

  • They can be shortened removing characters from the right. It will lose precision but will still point to the same area.
  • It is possible to use them in URLs such as<geohash-string>.
  • Strings with a similar prefix are nearby, but the contrary is not true, it is possible that strings with different prefixes are nearby too.


Array reply, specifically:

The command returns an array where each element is the Geohash corresponding to each member name passed as argument to the command.


dragonfly> GEOADD Sicily 13.361389 38.115556 "Palermo" 15.087269 37.502669 "Catania"
(integer) 2
dragonfly> GEOHASH Sicily Palermo Catania
1) "sqc8b49rny0"
2) "sqdtr74hyu0"