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SADDEX key seconds member [member ...]

Time complexity: O(1) for each element added, so O(N) to add N elements when the command is called with multiple arguments.

ACL categories: @write, @set, @fast

Warning: Experimental! Dragonfly-specific.

Similar to SADD but adds one or more members that expire after specified number of seconds. An error is returned when the value stored at key is not a set.


Integer reply: the number of elements that were added to the set, not including all the elements already present in the set.


dragonfly> SADDEX myset 10 "Hello"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> SADDEX myset 20 World Dragonfly
(integer) 2
dragonfly> SMEMBERS myset
1) "Hello"
2) "World"
3) "Dragonfly"