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Install with Docker

Starting with docker run is the simplest way to get up and running with Dragonfly.

If you do not have docker on your machine, Install Docker before continuing.


  • Minimum 4GB of RAM to get the benefits of Dragonfly
  • Minimum 1 CPU Core
  • Linux Kernel 4.19 or higher

Step 1

On linux

docker run --network=host --ulimit memlock=-1

On macOS

network=host doesn't work well on macOS, see this issue

docker run -p 6379:6379 --ulimit memlock=-1

Dragonfly will respond to both http and redis requests out of the box!

You can use the redis-cli to connect to localhost:6379 or open a browser and visit http://localhost:6379

Note: On some configurations, running with the docker run --privileged ... flag can fix some initialization errors.

Step 2

Connect with a redis client

redis-cli> set hello world
OK> keys *
1) "hello"> get hello

Step 3

Continue being great and build your app with the power of Dragonfly!