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Error: godot unindent does not match

What's Causing This Error

The "godot unindent does not match" error in Godot Engine's scripting language GDScript is usually a result of inconsistent use of tabs and spaces for indentation. GDScript, like Python, is an indentation-sensitive language where the scope of code blocks (like functions, loops, if statements) is defined by their indentation level.

This error can occur in several situations:

  • Mixing tabs and spaces for indentation within the same file.
  • Copy-pasting code from another source that uses a different indentation style.
  • Accidental insertion or removal of spaces or tabs on a line, making it out of alignment with the rest of the block.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve this error, ensure consistent indentation throughout your script using one of the following methods:

  1. Use Only Tabs or Spaces: Decide whether to use tabs or spaces for indentation and convert all indentation in your script accordingly.

    • Godot's script editor has a built-in feature to convert indentation types: right-click in the script editor, select Convert Indent To Tabs or Convert Indent To Spaces.
  2. Check the Editor Settings: Make sure your editor settings are configured to either use tabs or spaces exclusively. In Godot, go to Editor -> Editor Settings -> Text Editor -> Indent and choose your preference for Tab Mode and Indent Size.

  3. Manually Fix Indentation: Go through your code and manually align blocks of code so that they match the surrounding code's indentation level.

  4. Automatic Formatting Tools: Consider using a formatting tool or plugin that automatically formats GDScript code according to the community style guide.

  5. Avoid Copy-Paste Issues: When pasting code from external sources, always re-indent the pasted code to match your project's indentation.

After fixing the indentation errors, run your script again to make sure the "unindent does not match" error is resolved.

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