Error: invoke rc d initscript redis server action start failed

What's Behind This Error

When starting Redis server via system service, you may encounter the error message 'invoke-rc.d: initscript redis-server, action "start" failed'. This error is typically due to Redis server's inability to bind itself to the correct port or address. The cause could be a firewall restriction, another process using the same port, or incorrect configuration settings.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To address this issue, consider the following solutions:

  1. Ensure that the Redis server is running on the same machine and port number specified in the connection settings. If not, update your connection settings accordingly.

  2. Verify that the Redis server's configuration file accurately specifies values for the "bind" and "port" options. Also, ensure that the firewall does not block the specified port.

  3. Check to see if another application is currently utilizing the port designated in the Redis configuration file. If so, either shut down the conflicting application or reconfigure Redis to use a different port.

  4. Execute the Redis server manually via command line to identify any errors or conflicts.

  5. Restart the Redis server and attempt to start it again.

By implementing these steps, you should be able to resolve 'invoke-rc.d: initscript redis-server, action "start" failed' error and successfully launch Redis.

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