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Error: memcached.service failed with result 'exit-code'

What's Causing This Error

The error message "memcached.service failed with result 'exit-code'" indicates that the Memcached service failed to start or stop properly. There can be various reasons behind this error, including configuration issues, permission problems, or system errors.

Common Causes:

  1. Configuration Issues: Errors in the memcached.conf file can prevent the service from starting. Look for syntax errors or incorrect parameters.
  2. Permission Problems: The user running Memcached may not have sufficient privileges. Check file and directory permissions.
  3. System Errors: Low disk space or network connectivity issues can also cause the service to fail. Ensure the system has adequate resources.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve the "memcached.service failed with result 'exit-code'" error, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Check Configuration File:

    • Open the memcached.conf file, usually located at /etc/memcached.conf or /etc/sysconfig/memcached.
    • Look for any syntax errors, missing parameters, or incorrect settings.
    • Example of a correct line: -m 64 (sets memory to 64MB).
  2. Validate Daemon Parameters:

    • Ensure the daemon is running with correct parameters.
    • Run ps aux | grep memcached to see the current parameters.
    • Compare with expected values from the configuration file.
  3. Verify Permissions:

    • Check the ownership and permissions of the Memcached directories and files.
    • For example, ensure the cache directory has memcache:memcache ownership and proper read/write permissions.
    • Use chown memcache:memcache /path/to/directory and chmod 755 /path/to/directory as needed.
  4. Check System Health:

    • Verify disk space using df -h. Free up space if necessary.
    • Check network connectivity with ping or traceroute commands if Memcached is distributed.
  5. Restart Memcached Service:

    • Restart the service using sudo systemctl restart memcached.
    • Check the status with sudo systemctl status memcached to ensure it’s running without errors.

If you still face issues, consider reviewing the system logs for more specific error messages:

  • Use journalctl -xe for detailed logging information.
  • Check /var/log/memcached.log if available.

For persistent problems, consult the Memcached community or seek advice from a professional.

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