PlatformCon 2024

Jun 10, 2024, 03:30 PM UTC

PlatformCon 2024 is a premier virtual conference designed for DevOps and platform engineering professionals. This five-day event will host more than 17,000 platform engineers, delivering comprehensive talks on practical platform implementations, cultural shifts, technical strategies, business effects, and architectural innovations.

Highlighting the event, Oded Poncz, Co-founder and CEO of Dragonfly, presents his expert perspective on "Scaling Infrastructure in a Modern Cloud World." We have ready access to powerful cloud hardware, and our apps have extreme data requirements. However, we're still scaling our data infrastructure in the same old way. Let's rethink how we scale data infrastructure!

Event Details

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  • Talks (VODs) -> Link
  • Date & Time -> June 10, 2024—June 14, 2024
  • Location -> Online