Question: Can Redis Store JSON?


Yes, Redis can store JSON data. While Redis doesn't provide native support for JSON, you can store JSON as a string in Redis and then parse it when retrieving the data.

To store JSON in Redis, you can serialize the JSON object to a string using a serialization library like json.dumps() in Python or JSON.stringify() in JavaScript. When retrieving the data from Redis, deserialize the string back into a JSON object using the appropriate parsing method.

Here's an example using Python and the redis library:

import redis
import json

# Connect to Redis
r = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0)

# Example JSON data
data = {
    "name": "Alice",
    "age": 30,
    "email": ""

# Serialize JSON to string and store it in Redis
string_data = json.dumps(data)
r.set("user_data", string_data)

# Retrieve stored data from Redis and deserialize it back into JSON
retrieved_data_string = r.get("user_data")
retrieved_data = json.loads(retrieved_data_string)


And here's an example using JavaScript with the node-redis library:

const redis = require('redis');
const { promisify } = require('util');

const client = redis.createClient();
const getAsync = promisify(client.get).bind(client);
const setAsync = promisify(client.set).bind(client);

(async () => {
  // Example JSON data
  const data = {
    name: 'Alice',
    age: 30,
    email: '',

  // Serialize JSON to string and store it in Redis
  const stringData = JSON.stringify(data);
  await setAsync('user_data', stringData);

  // Retrieve stored data from Redis and deserialize it back into a JSON object
  const retrievedDataString = await getAsync('user_data');
  const retrievedData = JSON.parse(retrievedDataString);


Remember that storing large JSON objects in Redis may not be the most efficient approach, as Redis is designed for more simple key-value storage. If you need to store complex structures or manipulate the JSON data within Redis, consider using other data types like hashes or looking into specialized modules such as ReJSON.

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