Question: Can't connect to ElastiCache Redis


When you are unable to establish a connection to your ElastiCache Redis cluster, it could be due to various reasons ranging from network issues to configuration errors. Here are some of the common causes and solutions for the "can't connect to ElastiCache Redis" error:

  1. Security Group misconfiguration: Ensure that the security group associated with your ElastiCache Redis cluster allows incoming traffic on the correct port. By default, Redis listens on port 6379, so you need to allow traffic from your client IP address to this port.

  2. Incompatible Redis client version: Make sure that you are using a compatible Redis client version and protocol to connect to your ElastiCache Redis cluster. For example, if your Redis client is using an older version of the protocol (e.g., Redis 2.4), it may not be able to communicate with newer ElastiCache Redis clusters that use Redis 3.2 or higher.

  3. Authentication failure: If you have enabled authentication in your ElastiCache Redis cluster, ensure that you are passing the correct username and password when connecting to the cluster.

  4. DNS resolution issues: Ensure that the endpoint URL you are using to connect to your ElastiCache Redis cluster is resolving to the correct IP address. You can check the endpoint URL and IP addresses in the ElastiCache console.

Here's an example Python code snippet showing how to connect to an ElastiCache Redis cluster using the redis-py library:

import redis # Replace <your-endpoint-url> with your ElastiCache Redis cluster endpoint URL r = redis.Redis(host='<your-endpoint-url>', port=6379) # Test the connection by setting a key-value pair r.set('foo', 'bar') print(r.get('foo'))

If you're still unable to connect to your ElastiCache Redis cluster, check the ElastiCache logs for any error messages or contact AWS Support for further assistance.

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