Question: How can you change the configuration of a Redis instance?


You can change the configuration of a Redis instance either dynamically while the server is running or by editing the Redis configuration file.

Dynamically Changing Configuration

Redis provides the CONFIG command, which allows you to dynamically change certain configurations while the server is running. Use CONFIG SET to set the new configuration.

Here's an example of changing the 'save' setting:> CONFIG SET save "60 10000"

This command sets the 'save' configuration to save the database every 60 seconds if at least 10,000 keys changed.

Editing Configuration File

For more permanent changes, edit the Redis configuration file. The default name for this file is redis.conf. It's usually located in the same directory where you start your Redis server.

To change the 'save' setting in the configuration file, look for the line starting with 'save', and modify the value:

save 60 10000

After editing the configuration file, you need to restart the Redis server for the changes to take effect.

Important Note

While some settings can be modified dynamically using CONFIG SET, there are certain settings that can only be configured through the configuration file. These settings include security settings like 'requirepass' (for setting a password) and 'rename-command' (for renaming commands).

Always keep a backup of your original configuration file before making any changes to it. This way, you can easily roll back to a working configuration if something goes wrong.

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