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Question: How to check MongoDB response time?


Checking the response time of queries in MongoDB is valuable for optimizing performance and understanding how well your database operations are running. Here’s a guide on how to do it:

Use the MongoDB Database Profiler

The MongoDB profiler collects detailed information about database operations (e.g., queries, insertions, updates, deletions). You can use it to monitor the performance of these operations, including their response times.

Enabling the Profiler

To enable profiling for all database operations (which can impact performance), set the profiling level to 2. It's advisable to do this in a development environment or temporarily in production if you're investigating performance issues.


For less impact, set the profiling level to 1, which profiles only slow operations.

db.setProfilingLevel(1, { slowms: 100 }) // Adjust `slowms` to your threshold of 'slow'

Viewing Profiled Operations

After enabling the profiler, you can examine the collected operation data in the system.profile collection:


Look for the millis field in the output, which shows the operation's response time in milliseconds.

Explain Plans

For individual queries, you can use the .explain('executionStats') method to get detailed execution statistics, including timing:

db.yourCollection.find({ yourQuery: 'criteria' }).explain('executionStats')

Within the output, check the executionStats section. It contains fields like executionTimeMillis, indicating how long the query took to execute.

Monitoring Tools

Consider using MongoDB’s monitoring tools like MongoDB Atlas’s Real-Time Performance Panel or third-party APM (Application Performance Management) tools that support MongoDB. These tools can provide insights into your database's operation times along with comprehensive performance metrics.

By applying these techniques, you can gain valuable insights into your MongoDB queries' response times, helping you identify and resolve potential performance bottlenecks.

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