Question: How can I set up a Redis Enterprise trial?


Redis Enterprise is the commercial edition of Redis, which delivers robust performance, linear scalability, and high availability. It is available as a trial version for users who wish to experiment with its features before making a purchase decision.

Here are the steps to set up a Redis Enterprise trial:

  1. Visit the Redis Enterprise website

    Go to the official Redis Enterprise download page.

  2. Fill out the form

    Provide the necessary details in the form including your name, email address, company name, etc.

  3. Download Redis Enterprise

    After submitting the form, a download link will be provided. Use this link to download the Redis Enterprise software. The software is available for various platforms, so make sure to select the correct version for your needs.

  4. Install Redis Enterprise

    The installation process varies depending on the platform. You'll find detailed instructions along with the download or in the official documentation.

# For example, on Ubuntu, you might run: $ sudo dpkg -i redislabs_6.x.x-xx_amd64.deb
  1. Set up your cluster

    After installing Redis Enterprise, you can set up your cluster through the setup wizard, which is accessible via your web browser at http://<host>:8443 (replace <host> with your host's IP address or domain name).

# For example, starting the service on Ubuntu might look like: $ sudo systemctl start redislabs
  1. Sign up for the trial

    Once you've set up your cluster, you need to sign up for the trial from within the Redis Enterprise admin console (the setup wizard should have redirected you there). Follow the prompts to complete the trial registration.

Remember, while the trial gives you access to most Redis Enterprise features, it's primarily meant for evaluation purposes. For production environments, consider purchasing a full license.

In case you need more detailed information, please refer to the official Redis Labs documentation.

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