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Question: How can you set up Redis Enterprise on AWS?


Redis Enterprise is an enhanced version of Redis that offers several additional features like automated sharding, high availability, and the ability to handle large datasets in memory. To set it up on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch an EC2 instance

Firstly, you'll need to launch an EC2 instance. Choose your preferred server (typically a Linux distribution) and specifications (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.).

aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-abcd1234 --count 1 --instance-type t2.micro --key-name MyKeyPair --security-groups my-sg

Step 2: SSH into the server

Once your instance is running, use the PEM file associated with it to SSH into the server.

ssh -i "MyKeyPair.pem"

Step 3: Download Redis Enterprise Software package

Now we have to download the Redis Enterprise Software package using the following command:

curl -O

Note: Please replace the URL with the actual URL of the latest Redis Enterprise Software package.

Step 4: Install Redis Enterprise

Next, install the software package using the rpm command:

sudo rpm -i redislabs-6.0.20-57-centos7-x86_64.rpm

It will automatically install and start the service.

Step 5: Access and Configure Redis Enterprise

Go to your web browser and type <your-server-ip>:8443 to access the Redis Enterprise admin console. From here, you can create databases and configure them according to your needs.

Please remember to open port 8443 on your AWS security group to allow access to the Redis Enterprise admin console.

This is a basic setup of Redis Enterprise on AWS. Depending on your specific use-case and security requirements, you might need to perform additional configuration and optimizations.

Bear in mind that AWS charges may apply based on the specifications of your EC2 instance and other utilized resources.

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