Question: How can you uninstall Redis Enterprise from your system?


Uninstalling Redis Enterprise Software (RS) involves a few steps. Here are the instructions for a standard Linux installation:

  1. Stop all the databases: For each database in the RS installation, you need to stop it before you can uninstall RS. You can use the rladmin command-line interface to stop the database.

    rladmin stop db <db:id | name>
  2. Remove the RS installation package: On the node where you want to remove RS, run:

    sudo yum remove redislabs


    sudo apt-get remove redislabs

    depending on the package manager your system is using. This command removes the RS software package and leaves the data directories intact.

  3. Remove RS directories: If you want to completely remove all RS files and directories, delete the /opt/redislabs directory.

    sudo rm -rf /opt/redislabs
  4. Remove the RS user and group: If you want to also remove the RS user and group, run:

    sudo userdel -r redislabs

Please note that these steps will result in permanent deletion of all data, including all databases. Be sure to back up any important data before proceeding with these steps.

Reference: Redis Labs Documentation

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