Question: How do you set up a MongoDB replica set on Windows?


Setting up a MongoDB replica set on Windows involves several key steps. A replica set in MongoDB provides redundancy and high availability, and is the basis for all production deployments. This guide assumes you have MongoDB installed on multiple Windows machines.

Step 1: Configure MongoDB Instances

Firstly, you need to configure each MongoDB instance to run as a part of a replica set. You can do this by editing the MongoDB configuration file (usually named mongod.cfg) found in your MongoDB installation directory. Add or ensure these lines are present under the net and replication sections for each instance:

net: bindIp: your_server_ip port: 27017 replication: replSetName: 'rs0'

Replace 'your_server_ip' with the actual IP address of the machine, and 'rs0' with your desired replica set name. The port 27017 is the default MongoDB port; change it if necessary.

Step 2: Initialize the Replica Set

On one of the instances, start the MongoDB server by running mongod --config <path_to_your_mongod.cfg>. Then, connect to this instance using the Mongo shell with mongo.

In the Mongo shell, use the following command to initialize the replica set:


This will initiate the replica set with a single member (the current server).

Step 3: Add Members to the Replica Set

Still in the Mongo shell connected to your initial instance, add the other MongoDB instances to the replica set with the rs.add() command:

rs.add('hostname2:27017') rs.add('hostname3:27017')

Replace 'hostname2' and 'hostname3' with the actual hostnames or IP addresses of your other MongoDB servers. Ensure that the port matches the one specified in their respective mongod.cfg files.

Step 4: Verify the Replica Set Configuration

After adding all members, verify the replica set configuration and status:

rs.conf() rs.status()

These commands provide information about the replica set configuration and its current status, showing you which members are part of the set and their roles (primary or secondary).


You've now set up a MongoDB replica set on Windows. This setup enhances data redundancy and availability, crucial for production environments. Remember to open necessary ports in your firewall settings to allow communication between the instances if they're on different networks.

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