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Question: What is Redis Labs?


Redis Labs is the company behind the development and maintenance of Redis, an open-source, in-memory data structure storage system. Redis Labs offers a robust suite of products, tools, and services that extend the capabilities of Redis. They also offer a managed cloud platform for Redis called "Redis Enterprise," which provides businesses with high availability, scalability, and performance capabilities that go beyond what's available in the standard Redis setup.

Features of Redis Enterprise include:

  1. Linear Scaling: It can support millions of operations per second at sub-millisecond latencies, scaling linearly to meet your growing business needs.
  2. Active-Active Geo-Distribution: Multiple instances of Redis can be run simultaneously across different geographical locations, maintaining full read-write capabilities.
  3. Full Redundancy and High Availability: Automated failover, persistence configuration, and disaster recovery capabilities are provided to ensure zero data loss.

In addition to the above, they provide 24/7 support and professional services to their customers.

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