Question: Where is memcached.h?


memcached.h is a C header file that defines the public interface for the Memcached caching system. It contains the function prototypes, constants, and data structures that are needed to use the Memcached API in your C or C++ program.

By default, when you install Memcached on most Unix-like systems using package managers like apt or yum, the memcached.h header file should be installed in /usr/include/. However, the location of the file may vary depending on the installation method and the operating system in use. You can verify if the file exists by running the following command:

$ find / -name memcached.h

If it exists, this command will output the path to the memcached.h file. If it does not exist, you may need to reinstall the Memcached package or manually download the header file from the Memcached repository.

Assuming that the memcached.h file is located in /usr/include/, you can include it in your C or C++ program by adding the following line at the beginning of your source code:

#include <memcached.h>

After including this header file, you can start using the Memcached API in your program.

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