Question: Who uses Memcached?


Memcached is a popular open-source distributed in-memory caching system that is widely used by various organizations for accelerating web applications. Some of the notable companies that use Memcached include:

  • Facebook: Facebook was one of the early adopters of Memcached and has been using it since 2005. They use it extensively for caching user sessions, social graphs, and other data to speed up their website.
  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia uses Memcached to cache frequently accessed pages and to reduce the load on their MySQL database.
  • Twitter: Twitter also uses Memcached to cache timelines, user profiles, and other data to improve the performance of their platform.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist uses Memcached to cache frequently accessed data like search queries, location information, and user preferences.
  • Reddit: Reddit uses Memcached to cache frequently accessed data like user sessions, subreddits, and posts.

Apart from these companies, Memcached is also used by many other organizations and websites to speed up their web applications, reduce database load, and improve overall performance.

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