Technical Workshop

From Zero to Hero: Scaling In-Memory Workloads to Millions of QPS with Dragonfly K8s Operator

Nov 15, 2023, 06:00 PM UTC


Joe Zhou

Developer Advocate at Dragonfly


Scaling Redis to handle high-throughput workloads can be complex and costly. In this workshop, we'll demonstrate how to utilize Dragonfly, a drop-in Redis replacement, in conjunction with its newly released Kubernetes Operator to effortlessly scale your workloads while minimizing operational overhead.
We'll cover robust monitoring setups, security features including authentication and TLS, as well as advanced snapshotting to S3. Whether you’re a developer, database admin, or DevOps professional, you'll leave with hands-on experience and the knowledge to optimize your Dragonfly instances for peak performance.
Join us to transform your approach to ultra-performant and highly-available in-memory store systems and unlock the full potential of Dragonfly with Kubernetes.


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