Getting Redis Key by Value in PHP (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

In PHP applications using Redis as a database or caching layer, there might be scenarios where you need to query for the key using its corresponding value. This is not the typical use case because Redis is a key-value store and is designed for efficient retrieval of values by keys.

Code Examples

In general, Redis doesn't support fetching a key by its value directly. So we have to iterate over all keys and filter them based on the value. Be aware that this approach can be inefficient with large databases.

Example with Redis class:

$redis = new Redis(); $redis->connect('localhost', 6379); // Assuming 'testKey' has the value 'testValue' $allKeys = $redis->keys('*'); foreach ($allKeys as $key) { if ($redis->get($key) == 'testValue') { echo "Matching key: $key"; } }

Best Practices

  1. Avoid getting keys by value in Redis if possible. It's an anti-pattern in most cases since it requires iterating over all keys which can be very expensive in terms of performance.

  2. It's better to design your data model such that reverse lookups are not frequently required. If you find yourself needing to look up keys by values often, considering using another database more suited to these kinds of queries.

Common Mistakes

  1. Performing a full scan of keys in a production environment: This operation can negatively impact the performance of the Redis server, especially when the number of keys is large.

  2. Not understanding that Redis is primarily a key-value store: This can lead to misuse and inefficient use of Redis. While it does have some support for more advanced data structures, its primary function is to map keys to values.


  1. Is there a built-in function in Redis to get key by value? No, Redis does not natively support getting a key by its value. It's designed to be used as a key-value store.

  2. Why is retrieving a key by its value considered an anti-pattern in Redis? Retrieving a key by its value usually requires scanning every key in the database, which is highly inefficient. Redis is designed to retrieve values quickly given a key, not the other way around.

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