Redis Sorted Set List (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

  • Ranking systems (e.g., leaderboards in gaming)
  • Priority queues
  • Time-series data

Code Examples


import redis # Connect to Redis server client = redis.StrictRedis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0) # Add elements to the sorted set with scores client.zadd('my_sorted_set', {'element1': 1, 'element2': 2, 'element3': 3}) # Get elements from the sorted set elements = client.zrange('my_sorted_set', 0, -1) print(elements) # Output: [b'element1', b'element2', b'element3']


const redis = require("redis"); const client = redis.createClient(); client.on("connect", () => { console.log("Connected to Redis..."); // Add elements to the sorted set with scores client.zadd("my_sorted_set", 1, "element1", 2, "element2", 3, "element3"); // Get elements from the sorted set client.zrange("my_sorted_set", 0, -1, (err, elements) => { if (err) throw err; console.log(elements); // Output: ['element1', 'element2', 'element3'] }); });


package main import ( "fmt" "" "context" ) func main() { ctx := context.Background() rdb := redis.NewClient(&redis.Options{ Addr: "localhost:6379", }) // Add elements to the sorted set with scores rdb.ZAdd(ctx, "my_sorted_set", &redis.Z{Score: 1, Member: "element1"}, &redis.Z{Score: 2, Member: "element2"}, &redis.Z{Score: 3, Member: "element3"}) // Get elements from the sorted set elements, _ := rdb.ZRange(ctx, "my_sorted_set", 0, -1).Result() fmt.Println(elements) // Output: [element1 element2 element3] }

Common Mistakes

  • Adding elements without specifying scores can lead to unexpected behavior. Always ensure that scores are provided.
  • Overlooking the importance of connection handling. Make sure connections are properly managed and closed to avoid resource leaks.


Q: What happens if two elements have the same score? A: Redis will sort them lexicographically by their member names.

Q: Can I update the score of an existing element? A: Yes, adding an element with an existing name but a different score will update the score for that element.

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