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Getting Started

Getting started with Dragonfly Cloud is easy. You can have your first data store up and running in minutes.

All you have to do is navigate to and sign up for an account.

To complete the sign up process you will be required to pick a name for your organization. You can later add more users to your organization.

After signing up you will land on the Data Stores page, where you can create your first data store by clicking the +Data Store button.
You only need to pick a name, a cloud provider and cloud region.
For more configuration options see Data Stores.

Before creating your first data store you will be asked to add payment card. You can track usage and costs under the Account > Usage tab.

You are only charged while the data store is active, prorated to the hour, and you can delete the data store at any time.

We offer an unlimited 3GB Development plan for around $35/month (less than $0.05 an hour), depending on the cloud provider and region, as an easy way to get started.

Happy building with Dragonfly Cloud!