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Dragonfly Cloud provides observability through a readily available Grafana based public dashboard, and a Prometheus compatible metrics endpoint that you can scrape and integrate with most monitoring and alerting solutions like Datadog and Grafana.

If you have not yet created a Dragonfly Cloud datastore, pleaes see these docs to create your first datastore.

Public Dashboard

To open a datastore’s public dashboard click the dashboard icon () in the relevant datastore row.
A Grafana based dashboard will open in a new tab.

Prometheus Compatible Metrics Endpoint

In order to access the metrics endpoint you first must acquire an API key:

  1. Navigate to the Account > Keys tab.
  2. Click the +Key button to open the Create Key dialog.
  3. In the Create Key dialog enter a meaningful name for the key (e.g. metrics) and leave read:metrics selected in the permissions dropdown.
  4. Click Create. The dialog will show the created key.
  5. Click Copy API Key to copy the key to the clipboard.
  6. Store the key somewhere for later usage, Dragonfly Cloud doesn’t store the key (you can create more keys if needed).

The metrics endpoint is available for scraping at

You can test as follows:

curl -H "authorization: Bearer $KEY

Finally, configure your monitoring system with the metrics endpoint and your key.