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ACL categories: @admin, @slow, @dangerous

This command returns an array of the different users and their respective ACL rules. Each line consists of the username, followed by their status (ON/OFF), a 15-character preview of the hashed password or nopass, and their rules.


Array reply: An array of strings. This command does not explicitly report the removed ACL categories. For example, if a user was created in Redis with -@fast, ACL LIST would print -@fast for that given user. We found that this redundancy is confusing to the user, and therefore we decided not to include it in the result string because if for a given user a command category is missing, it's a clear indicator that this user does not have that rule in their ACL list.


dragonfly> ACL LIST
1) "user george on #9f86d081884c7d +@admin +@fast"
2) "user default on nopass +@all"