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ACL SETUSER username [rule [rule ...]]

ACL categories: @admin, @slow, @dangerous

ACL Rules

Dragonfly ACL rules are split into two categories:

Command Rules

  • +@<category>: Grants all the commands in the specified category to the list of commands the user is able to execute. For example, +@string adds all the string commands.
  • -@<category>: Like +@<category> but removes all the commands in the category instead of adding them.
  • +@ALL: Grants all the available groups to the user.
  • -@ALL: Revokes all the available groups from the user.

User Management Rules

  • ON: Set the user as active, it will be possible to authenticate as this user using AUTH <username> <password>.
  • OFF: Set user as not active, it will be impossible to authenticate as this user.
  • >password: Set or update the list of passwords for this user.
  • nopass: Allow the user to authenticate with any password.


Simple string reply: OK on success. If the rules contain errors, the error is returned.


dragonfly> ACL SETUSER myuser ON >mypass >mysecondpass +@string +@fast -@slow ~*