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JSON.ARRINDEX key path value [start [stop]]

Time complexity: O(N) when path is evaluated to a single value where N is the size of the array, O(N) when path is evaluated to multiple values, where N is the size of the key

ACL categories: @json

Search for the first occurrence of a JSON value in an array


Required arguments


is key to parse.


is value to find its index in one or more arrays.

About using strings with JSON commands

To specify a string as an array value to index, wrap the quoted string with an additional set of single quotes. Example: '"silver"'. For more detailed use, see Examples.

Optional arguments


is inclusive start value to specify in a slice of the array to search. Default is 0.


is exclusive stop value to specify in a slice of the array to search, including the last element. Default is 0. Negative values are interpreted as starting from the end.

About out-of-range indexes

Out-of-range indexes round to the array's start and end. An inverse index range (such as the range from 1 to 0) returns unfound or -1.

Return value

JSON.ARRINDEX returns an array of integer replies for each path, the first position in the array of each JSON value that matches the path, -1 if unfound in the array, or nil, if the matching JSON value is not an array. For more information about replies, see Redis serialization protocol specification.


Find the specific place of a color in a list of product colors

Create a document for noise-cancelling headphones in black and silver colors.

dragonfly> JSON.SET item:1 $ '{"name":"Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones","description":"Wireless Bluetooth headphones with noise-cancelling technology","connection":{"wireless":true,"type":"Bluetooth"},"price":99.98,"stock":25,"colors":["black","silver"]}'

Add color blue to the end of the colors array. JSON.ARRAPEND returns the array's new size.

dragonfly> JSON.ARRAPPEND item:1 $.colors '"blue"'
1) (integer) 3

Return the new length of the colors array.

JSON.GET item:1
"{\"name\":\"Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones\",\"description\":\"Wireless Bluetooth headphones with noise-cancelling technology\",\"connection\":{\"wireless\":true,\"type\":\"Bluetooth\"},\"price\":99.98,\"stock\":25,\"colors\":[\"black\",\"silver\",\"blue\"]}"

Get the list of colors for the product.

dragonfly> JSON.GET item:1 '$.colors[*]'

Insert two more colors after the second color. You now have five colors.

dragonfly> JSON.ARRINSERT item:1 $.colors 2 '"yellow"' '"gold"'
1) (integer) 5

Get the updated list of colors.

dragonfly> JSON.GET item:1 $.colors

Find the place where color silver is located.

dragonfly> JSON.ARRINDEX item:1 $..colors '"silver"'
1) (integer) 1

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