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JSON.STRAPPEND key [path] value

Time complexity: O(1) when path is evaluated to a single value, O(N) when path is evaluated to multiple values, where N is the size of the key

Append the json-string values to the string at path


Required arguments


is key to modify.


is value to append to one or more strings.

About using strings with JSON commands

To specify a string as an array value to append, wrap the quoted string with an additional set of single quotes. Example: '"silver"'. For more detailed use, see Examples.

Optional arguments


is JSONPath to specify. Default is root $.

Return value

JSON.STRAPPEND returns an array of integer replies for each path, the string's new length, or nil, if the matching JSON value is not a string. For more information about replies, see Redis serialization protocol specification.

Examples> JSON.SET doc $ '{"a":"foo", "nested": {"a": "hello"}, "nested2": {"a": 31}}'
OK> JSON.STRAPPEND doc $..a '"baz"'
1) (integer) 6
2) (integer) 8
3) (nil)> JSON.GET doc $

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