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Error: cannot connect to redis server from outside

What's Causing This Error

This error occurs when a client is unable to establish a connection with the Redis server from an external source. There are several possible reasons for this issue: 1) The Redis server might be configured to listen only on the loopback interface ( or a specific IP address, which restricts incoming connections to the local machine; 2) A firewall or security group rules could be blocking incoming connections on the server's port, typically 6379; 3) Network issues or connectivity problems between the client and the server might also cause this error.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps: 1) Edit the Redis configuration file (usually redis.conf) and update the bind directive to allow connections from external IP addresses by either binding to all available interfaces (, or specifying the desired IP address. Save the changes and restart the Redis server; 2) Check your server's firewall settings or security group rules to ensure that incoming connections on the Redis port (by default 6379) are allowed. If necessary, create new rules or modify existing ones accordingly; 3) Verify network connectivity between the client and the server, ensuring there are no network issues or outages that may be impacting communication.

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