Error: gamemaker alarm not working

What's Causing This Error

Several issues can lead to alarms not working correctly in GameMaker:

  1. Incorrect Alarm Index: Each object has 12 alarms (0 through 11). An error can occur if the index provided is out of this range.
  2. Alarm Set To Negative Value: If an alarm is set to a negative number, it won’t count down and trigger.
  3. Misunderstanding Time Units: Alarms count down in steps, not seconds. If the game's room speed is 60, setting an alarm to 60 will trigger it after one second.
  4. Code Overwrites: Sometimes, the alarm may be inadvertently reset or altered elsewhere in the code, preventing it from triggering when expected.
  5. Inactive Instance: Alarms do not decrease if the instance they belong to is inactive.
  6. Room End: When a room ends, all alarms are canceled. If you move to a new room before an alarm goes off, it will not trigger.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve the issue with alarms not working in GameMaker, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify Alarm Index: Ensure that the alarm index used is between 0 and 11.
  2. Check Alarm Values: Make sure that the alarm is being set with a positive value.
  3. Understand Timing: Familiarize yourself with how the room speed affects alarms and set them accordingly.
  4. Review Your Code: Look for any other parts of your script where the alarm might be getting modified or reset without intention.
  5. Instance Activity: Confirm that the instance setting the alarm is active.
  6. Manage Room Transitions: Be aware of room changes and how they affect the state of your alarms. Use persistent objects or other methods to manage state across rooms if necessary.

Implement these checks and adjustments to ensure that alarms work as intended in your GameMaker projects.

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