Error: gamemaker draw text not working

What's Causing This Error

The error 'gamemaker draw text not working' could be caused by several issues within a GameMaker project:

  1. Drawing in the wrong event: The draw_text function must be used within a Draw event. If it's placed in non-Draw events, like Step or Create, it won't display text during the game's render phase.
  2. Incorrect coordinates: If the x and y coordinates provided are outside of the current view or room boundaries, the text won't be visible on the screen.
  3. Invalid font or color settings: Before drawing text, you may have set a font or color that doesn't exist or hasn't been loaded properly which would prevent the text from being rendered correctly.
  4. Layering issues: Other instances or objects might be drawing over the text if their layer has a higher depth value.
  5. Visibility settings: If the instance calling draw_text is invisible (visible property set to false), none of its draw events will execute.
  6. Camera and view problems: If views are enabled and the camera isn't properly set up or pointed at the wrong section of the room, the drawn text might be off-screen.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve this error, consider the following solutions:

  1. Ensure Draw Events: Move your draw_text calls into a Draw event such as the Draw GUI event if you want the text to always appear at the same place on the screen regardless of room views and cameras.
  2. Check Coordinates: Verify that the x and y coordinates for the draw_text function are within the visible area of the room or view.
  3. Validate Font and Color: Make sure any custom fonts are correctly initialized before use and that colors are set to a valid color constant (e.g., c_white).
  4. Adjust Layer Depth: If other objects might be covering the text, lower the depth of the instance executing the draw_text function.
  5. Set Visibility: Ensure that the instance's visible property is set to true.
  6. Configure Cameras: Check the camera and view configuration to make sure that they're capturing the area where you're trying to draw text.

Additionally, always test text rendering separately to isolate the issue, and refer to the GameMaker documentation to ensure correct syntax and usage of the draw_text function.

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