Error: gamemaker persistent not working

What's Causing This Error

The 'gamemaker persistent not working' error typically indicates that a GameMaker object marked as persistent is not behaving as expected across different rooms. The root causes of this error could be:

  • Misunderstanding the persistent flag: Some developers may misunderstand how the persistent attribute works in GameMaker. A persistent object means that it isn’t destroyed when changing rooms; however, if the object doesn’t exist when the first room starts, it won’t magically appear in subsequent rooms.
  • Room order issues: If you’re dynamically creating an object and setting it to persistent, it needs to be created before transitioning to other rooms where its presence is required. If it's created after, it won't appear in those rooms.
  • Conflicting object behavior: There might be code in the objects or room events that inadvertently destroys or deactivates the persistent object, making it seem like persistence isn’t working.
  • Save and load logic: If your game has custom save and load mechanics, there might be issues with how persistent objects are being handled during these processes.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To solve the 'gamemaker persistent not working' issue, consider the following strategies:

  • Review Object Properties: Ensure that the persistent property is correctly set for the intended object. This can be done in the object's properties window within the GameMaker IDE.
  • Double-check Initialization: Make sure that the object is created before switching rooms for the first time. You may need to place it in the very first room or create it using a controller object that runs at the start of the game.
  • Inspect Deactivation Code: Go through your codebase to see if anything could be causing the persistent object to deactivate or destroy itself. Look for scripts, step events, and room end events where such code might be present.
  • Correct Save/Load Behavior: If you have a custom save/load system, ensure that it supports persistent objects correctly. Persistent objects should either be excluded from the standard save/load process or handled in a way that preserves their intended functionality.
  • Global Variables Alternative: As an alternative approach, if persistent behavior is causing too many issues, use global variables or data structures stored in always-present controller objects to maintain state across rooms instead of relying on object persistence.

By carefully checking each aspect of how the persistent object is used and instantiated within your game, you can resolve issues with persistence in GameMaker.

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