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Error: godot print not working

Troubleshooting Godot Print Function Not Working

If you're experiencing issues with the print() function not outputting anything in the 'Output' tab of Godot, try the following solutions:

1. Verify Output Panel Settings

  • Ensure the Output panel is visible (View > Show Output)
  • Check if the 'Clear on Play' option is enabled, which might clear prints too quickly

2. Alternative Print Methods

  • Try using print_rich() or print_verbose() instead of print()
  • Use push_warning() or push_error() to see if messages appear

3. Check Script Execution

  • Confirm your script is attached to a node in the scene
  • Verify the script is being executed (e.g., add a print statement in _ready())

4. Project Settings

  • Go to Project > Project Settings > Logging
  • Ensure 'Stdout' is set to 'Print to Console'

5. Editor Settings

  • Check Editor > Editor Settings > Text Editor > Logs
  • Make sure 'Show Standard Output in Editor' is enabled

6. Restart and Update

  • Save your project, close Godot, and reopen it
  • Check for any available Godot updates (4.2.3 or newer)

7. File Logging Workaround

If output is still not visible, try logging to a file:

func _ready(): var file ="user://log.txt", FileAccess.WRITE) file.store_string("Test log entry\n") file.close()

8. Report the Bug

If none of the above solutions work:

  • Create a minimal project that reproduces the issue
  • Report the bug on the Godot GitHub Issues page
  • Include your OS, Godot version, and steps to reproduce

Remember to provide as much detail as possible when reporting to help the developers investigate and resolve the issue quickly.

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