Error: python no module named redis

What's Causing This Error

Python throws the error 'python no module named redis' when you don't have the Redis module installed in your Python environment. Redis is an open-source data structure store used for database, cache, and message broker purposes. If you intend to use Redis with Python, you must install the Redis module utilizing pip. Without it, Python cannot identify Redis code snippets, resulting in the 'no module named redis' error.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To fix the 'python no module named redis' error, you need to download and install the Redis module via pip. First, ensure that you have pip installed on your system. Then, type the following command into the terminal or command prompt:

pip install redis

This command will download and install the Redis module, as well as any dependencies it needs. Once the installation is finished, you can import the Redis module into your Python script without encountering any errors. You can verify if Redis is installed by running a simple program that imports the Redis module and connects to a Redis server.

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