Error: redis network is unreachable

What's Causing This Error

The 'redis network is unreachable' error typically occurs due to a network-related problem. Here are some potential causes:

  1. Incorrect Host or Port: You may be trying to access Redis on an incorrect host or port. In other words, the Redis server might not be running where you believe it is.
  2. Firewall Restrictions: Your system's firewall might not allow connections to the specified port or host.
  3. Network Issues: There could be network connectivity issues between your application and the Redis server, such as a downed network or overloaded system.
  4. Redis Server Not Running: The Redis server might not be running or could be configured incorrectly.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

Here are some ways you can resolve this issue:

  1. Check your Connection Details: Verify that you're using the correct host and port to connect to your Redis server. Double-check the IP address and port number.
  2. Inspect Firewall Settings: Ensure that your system’s firewall permits connections to the designated port or host. You may need to adjust your firewall settings or make exceptions for the Redis server.
  3. Investigate Network Problems: Look for any network connectivity problems. If there are significant delays or packet loss when pinging the Redis server, it could indicate network problems.
  4. Ensure Redis Server is Running: Check if your Redis server is up and running. You could use commands like redis-cli ping to test if the server is responsive. If it isn't, you'll need to start or restart it.

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