Error: unity could not find method dependencyresolutionmanagement()

What's Causing This Error

The error 'unity could not find method dependencyresolutionmanagement()' is usually caused by an incorrect or outdated reference to Google's Play Services Resolver plugin within your Unity project. This error typically surfaces when trying to access the DependencyResolutionManagement method that no longer exists in newer versions of the plugin.

This method has been replaced with a different mechanism for handling dependencies in later updates. If you've recently updated the Play Services Resolver plugin, or imported a project that was built with a newer version of the plugin, you may encounter this error due to the deprecated method reference.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

Here are some steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Update your plugins: Make sure all your plugins, especially Google's Play Services Resolver, are up-to-date. To update the Play Services Resolver, navigate to Assets > External Dependency Manager > Android Resolver > Settings and ensure you have the latest version installed.

  2. Refresh Resolvers: After updating the plugins, force a refresh on the resolvers by going to Assets > External Dependency Manager > Android Resolver > Force Resolve.

  3. Check Code References: Look through your code for any references to DependencyResolutionManagement(). Since this method is deprecated, you should replace it with the new way of resolving dependencies. You can use the PlayServicesResolver.Resolve() method instead.

  4. Clean Project: Sometimes, cached files from previous builds can cause issues. Use Assets > External Dependency Manager > Android Resolver > Clean Project to clean up these old files.

If after trying these steps the problem still persists, consider removing and re-importing the Play Services Resolver to ensure a clean install.

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