Error: Unity Failed To Load Window Layout

What's Causing This Error

The "Unity failed to load window layout" error is typically caused by corrupted or missing files in the Unity layouts folder. These files might be damaged due to improper shutdowns, system crashes, or a recent update of your Unity software. Sometimes, it can also be due to having an incompatible version of Unity.

Another possible cause could be faulty third-party plugins. If these plugins are not compatible with your version of Unity or are causing conflicts, it could lead to this error message.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

  1. Reset Layout: The quickest solution to try initially is resetting the Unity layout to default. Go to 'Window' -> 'Layouts' -> 'Default' in the Unity Editor. This will reset your layout, which may solve the problem if it was related to a misconfigured layout.

  2. Delete Layout Folder: If resetting doesn't work, you could try deleting the layout folder. Close Unity, navigate to the Unity's preferences directory (usually located at C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Editor-{version} on Windows or ~/Library/Preferences/Unity on macOS), and remove the layouts folder. When you start Unity again, it'll recreate the layout files, possibly solving the issue.

  3. Update/Reinstall Unity: If the issue persists, consider updating Unity to its latest stable version. If your Unity is already up-to-date, reinstalling Unity may resolve any conflicts or corrupted files causing the error.

  4. Check Third-Party Plugins: Review your third-party plugins for compatibility issues with your current version of Unity. Disabling them one by one can help identify if a particular plugin is causing the error.

  5. Seek Help from Unity Forums or Community: If none of the above work, consider posting your detailed issue on Unity forums or communities. Experienced users or Unity staff may be able to help you better understand and fix your problem.

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