Error: unity light flickering problem

What's Causing This Error

There could be several reasons for a flickering light issue in Unity. Here are few common causes:

  1. Z-Fighting: This phenomenon happens when two (or more) objects occupy the same space and the engine cannot decide which one should be drawn in front. When this happens to lights, it can cause a flickering effect.

  2. Shader Issues: Incorrect shader settings or incompatible shaders may also lead to light flickering problems.

  3. Lightmap Settings: Improper Lightmap settings or discrepancies between static and dynamic objects' illumination can result in flickering.

  4. Precision Issues: This occurs particularly when dealing with very large scenes due to floating-point precision errors.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

Here are some resolutions based on the possible causes:

For Z-Fighting:

  • Ensure that no two light sources are at exactly the same position.

For Shader Issues:

  • Make sure you use shaders compatible with your project. Unity provides a set of standard shaders, but custom shaders might not be fully compatible.

For Lightmap Settings:

  • Check whether the 'Auto Generate' option is enabled in the 'Lighting' window. If it isn't, you'll need to manually build your lightmaps.
  • Ensure all objects receiving light have been marked as 'Static' in the Inspector. Dynamic objects can't receive baked lighting.

For Precision Issues:

  • Try to keep the scene dimensions as small as possible. If your scene is too large, consider splitting it into smaller chunks.

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