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Error: unreal engine does not support case sensitive

What's Causing This Error

The error message 'unreal engine does not support case sensitive' typically occurs when the Unreal Engine is being used on a filesystem that treats file names with case sensitivity, which can lead to discrepancies in file paths and resource linking. Unreal Engine assumes a case-insensitive file system, which is standard in Windows environments, but can cause issues on systems like Linux or macOS that can be configured for case sensitivity, or when using certain version control systems that preserve case sensitivity.

Another potential cause could be that assets or files were created or named inconsistently with regards to their case usage, leading to conflicts when the engine tries to access these resources.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve this issue, you have several options:

  1. Change File System Settings: If possible, configure your file system to be case insensitive. On macOS, you can create a case-insensitive disk image to work within, or reformat the partition where Unreal Engine projects are stored to use a case-insensitive file system, such as APFS (Case-insensitive) or HFS+ (Case-insensitive).

  2. Rename Files Consistently: Make sure all your asset names and file paths in your project are consistent with their case usage. Rename any files if necessary to ensure they match exactly how they are referenced within the Unreal Engine project.

  3. Version Control Settings: If you're using Git or another version control system, make sure it is configured correctly for working with Unreal Engine. For Git, set core.ignorecase to true to prevent case sensitivity problems:

    git config core.ignorecase true
  4. Project Settings: In some cases, adjusting the project settings within Unreal Engine can help. Verify that the project's settings do not inadvertently enforce case sensitivity.

  5. Migrate Project: As a more drastic measure, if you're still experiencing issues, consider migrating your project to a fresh Unreal Engine project setup on a case-insensitive file system. This process involves transferring all your assets and source files to a new UE project that has been properly configured.

  6. UE Editor Preferences: Check the Editor Preferences for any settings that might be related to file handling and adjust them accordingly to align with your system's case sensitivity configuration.

By following these steps, you should be able to overcome the case sensitivity issues with Unreal Engine and ensure a smooth development experience on any operating system.

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