Error: unreal engine unable to locate sdkmanager.bat

What's Causing This Error

The error "unreal engine unable to locate sdkmanager.bat" typically occurs when Unreal Engine (UE) tries to access Android SDK tools but cannot find the sdkmanager.bat file. This batch file is a part of the Android SDK command-line tools and is crucial for managing SDK packages. The causes might include:

  • Android SDK Not Installed: If you have not installed the Android SDK, the required sdkmanager.bat will not exist.
  • Incorrect SDK Installation Path: UE may be configured with an incorrect path to the Android SDK, or multiple SDK installations could be leading to confusion.
  • Outdated Unreal Engine or SDK: There might be compatibility issues between the version of your Unreal Engine and the Android SDK.
  • Environment Variables Not Set: Unreal Engine relies on certain environment variables to locate SDK tools, which if not set properly, can cause this error.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve the "unable to locate sdkmanager.bat" error in Unreal Engine, follow these steps:

  1. Install Android SDK: Ensure that the Android SDK is installed on your machine. You can do this through Android Studio or by downloading the command-line tools package from the Android developer website.

  2. Verify Unreal Engine Setup: Go to the Unreal Engine Editor, and under 'Edit' > 'Project Settings' > 'Platforms' > 'Android', ensure that the paths to the SDK, NDK, and Java are correct.

  3. Set Environment Variables: Make sure that the ANDROID_HOME environment variable is pointing to your Android SDK directory. Also, add the location of the sdkmanager.bat file to the PATH variable.

  4. Update Software: Check that you have the latest versions of both Unreal Engine and the Android SDK, as updates can fix compatibility issues.

  5. Use the Setup Tool: If you're using a version of Unreal Engine provided by Epic Games, it often comes with a setup tool that can automatically download and set up the required third-party software, including the Android SDK. Run this tool and follow the instructions.

  6. Check Permissions: Ensure that you have proper read/write permissions for the directory where the Android SDK is installed.

  7. Manually Locate sdkmanager.bat: If all else fails, locate the sdkmanager.bat file within your Android SDK installation manually and specify the path in the UE project settings. If the file doesn't exist, there might have been an issue with the SDK installation process.

By following these steps, the error should be resolved, and Unreal Engine should be able to locate the sdkmanager.bat file successfully.

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