Question: What Game Engine Was Used to Develop Atomic Heart?


Atomic Heart is an action role-playing game developed by Mundfish. The game has been showcased with impressive visuals and unique setting, which leads to the question of what game engine is behind its development.

The game engine used for Atomic Heart is Unreal Engine 4. This engine is known for its high fidelity visuals and a robust set of tools that enable developers to create detailed game worlds. Unreal Engine is a popular choice among game developers for its advanced graphical features, such as dynamic lighting, complex particle systems, and realistic physics simulation.

Unreal Engine's Blueprint Visual Scripting system also allows for rapid prototyping and gameplay mechanics implementation, making it a versatile tool for both programmers and non-programmers. It is likely that Mundfish leveraged these capabilities to create the intricate mechanics and immersive environments seen in trailers and promotional materials for Atomic Heart.

To implement specific features in Unreal Engine 4, developers write code in C++, or use the aforementioned Blueprint system. Here is a very simple example of how you might set up a player interaction within Unreal Engine using Blueprints:

// Assuming we have a blueprint class for a door, Event OnPlayerApproach() { if (IsDoorLocked) { DisplayMessage("The door is locked."); } else { DoorMesh->SetRelativeRotation(FRotator(0.f, 90.f, 0.f)); // Open the door DisplayMessage("You have opened the door."); } }

In this pseudo-code example, OnPlayerApproach is an event that would be triggered, perhaps by a proximity sensor or when the player presses an interaction button. Depending on the state of the IsDoorLocked variable, it either displays a message that the door is locked or rotates the door mesh to an open position.

Please note that the above code is a simplified representation and actual implementation would require more context and systems to be set up within Unreal Engine, such as referencing the correct door mesh and setting up the messaging system.

Overall, thanks to Unreal Engine 4’s comprehensive toolkit and compatibility with various platforms, it serves as an excellent foundation for developing games like Atomic Heart.

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