Question: How does the pricing of ElastiCache compare to Redis Enterprise?


Comparing the pricing between Amazon ElastiCache and Redis Enterprise involves looking at the following key factors:

  1. Instance Types: Both services offer a range of instance types that vary based on memory, CPU, and other hardware specs. The cost will depend on the specific type you choose.

  2. Scaling: With both services, your costs will increase as you scale up to handle more data or demand.

  3. Data Transfer: There may be costs associated with moving data into and out of these services, especially when data is transferred between regions or out of the cloud provider's network altogether.

  4. Additional Features: Both services offer additional features at extra cost, such as backups, replication, and enhanced security options.

For specific pricing details, you have to visit their respective official websites or contact their sales teams. As prices and offerings change over time, it's important to do a fresh comparison based on your specific requirements.

Here's an example of how you might calculate costs for a hypothetical workload on ElastiCache:

# Assuming you're running an m5.large instance for a month (730 hours) instance_hourly_rate = 0.107 # This rate will vary hours_per_month = 730 instance_cost = instance_hourly_rate * hours_per_month # Assuming 100GB of data transfer out per month data_transfer_rate_gb = 0.09 # This rate will vary data_out_gb = 100 data_transfer_cost = data_transfer_rate_gb * data_out_gb total_cost = instance_cost + data_transfer_cost

Please replace the numbers with the current rates from AWS Pricing page.

Remember, this is just a simple example and doesn't take into account many other potential costs like data storage, backups, multi-zone deployments, etc. Always use the pricing calculators provided by AWS and Redis Labs to get accurate estimates.

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