Question: How to stop Redis server?


To stop the Redis server, you can use the SHUTDOWN command which gracefully shuts down the server. There are two ways to issue this command:

  1. Using the redis-cli command-line tool:
redis-cli SHUTDOWN
  1. Sending a signal to the Redis process using the kill command:
kill <pid>

Replace <pid> with the process ID of the Redis server. You can find the process ID by running the following command:

ps aux | grep redis-server

Note that sending a SIGTERM signal (default when using kill) to Redis is equivalent to issuing a SHUTDOWN SAVE command, which saves the data to disk before shutting down. If you want to shut down Redis without saving the data to disk, you can send a SIGINT signal instead:

kill -2 <pid>

It's generally recommended to use the SHUTDOWN command to ensure that Redis shuts down gracefully and all data is saved properly.

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